Surveys 💌

With Surveys, you can create your own forms with questions and then send them to candidates through triggers or at the end of the application form. Once people have answered, users can see anonymised results and statistics based on the answers.

💡 This will make it easy for you to create your own Equal Opportunities reporting to ensure that you attract and employ a diverse set of candidates and employees.

How it works

Start by enabling Surveys under your Add-on features:

Add-on features

Activate Surveys

Creating a survey

Once activated, a new tab will appear in the top menu:
Surveys tab

Once you click it, you will come to the Surveys page, where you'll be prompted to create your first survey. You will get to choose between two options:
  • Create a brand new survey
  • Use one of our templates
Creating new Survey

Once you've made your choice you can start customising your survey with a title, description and text to put on the "Thank you" page for when the candidate is done with the survey:
Equal Opportunities survey

The form builder allows you to use both single-choice and multiple-choice questions, with an option to add an "Other" field to your list of alternatives:
Survey questions

Once you're done and press save, your survey will appear in the Surveys tab:
Surveys tab

Sending a survey

Surveys can be sent in three ways: in job application forms, triggers, and using the bulk action.


To add a survey trigger to a stage, choose the Send survey option in the trigger list.

Surveys trigger

When a candidate is then moved to the stage with the Survey trigger in it, a universally unique ID will be generated for them and used in the link to the survey, to ensure that no one else can answer it.


To send a survey simultaneously to several candidates, click Bulk, select the candidates and choose Send survey.

Bulk send survey

Application form*

To add a survey to the end of a job application, which will appear after an applicant has filled it in their application, go to a job's editor and choose the survey of your choice under Application -> Survey.
Survey after applying

*the survey is automatically displayed in the same after browser tab immediately after the candidate submits the application.

Answering the survey

When you trigger a survey as an email (via trigger or bulk), the candidate will receive an email with a request to fill out Survey. This email will look something like this:
Survey email

...and gets to a page where they can select their answers:
Survey example

If they select "Other" for a question, a textbox will automatically appear to let them type in their answer:
Other options

Once answered, we show the customised "thank you" text you've chosen in the survey's settings:
Thank you text

Viewing the results

Going back to the Surveys page, you can see how many people have been sent the survey and how many have responded so far:
Surveys data

You can also see the statistics for every question:
Survey data