Optimise SEO for your job ads

What is SEO? 👀

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your job ads to increase their visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your job ads have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract both prospective and existing candidates to your job ads.

How to optimise the SEO of your job ads?

Before getting into how to optimise your job ads from an SEO perspective, read more about how to create a new job here:

⭐️ Have a content strategy for your job ad, meaning that you should use content that is relevant for your target group of candidates for the specific job and for your company.

⭐️ Use relevant keywords both in the job title, the headings, the job description, and the pitch. To identify these words, think about what words the candidates would use when searching for similar jobs, maybe even ask similar profiles you already have internally?

⭐️ Use Formatting ( ¶ ) when writing the job description to tell search engines what information that should be considered as important. The content of Headings is considered as more important than the content of Normal text, Heading 2 more important than Heading 4 etc. Please note that the Title of the job = Heading 1.

  1. Mark your heading (including relevant keywords) 
  2. Click on the P-symbol
  3. Pick your preferred Heading type 

Heading type

Tips 💡

  • Instead of using bold with B, go ahead and use formatting with backward-facing P (= ¶). 
  • Some inspiration when it comes to adding keywords in Headings: 
    • Instead of saying 'We offer you:', you could mention both the 'job title' and your 'company name'.
      • Example: "As an Account Manager at Company A, we offer you this amazing thing"
    • 'Role Responsibilities/Requirements' could become:
      • Example: 'As an Account Manager at Company A, you will be responsible for this and that'
  • 'Skills required' could become:
    • Example: 'Skills such as A and B are highly desirable at Company A, but the following are required:'
4. Write a unique Pitch for the job
More than telling your candidates why they should apply for the job at the top of the ad, the pitch is used as the Meta-description. Make sure again to include relevant keywords, a minimum the job title, and the company name.
Pitch example

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