Overview pt. 2 - Recruitment

In the recruitment section, there are 9 different reports you can view.

1. Pipeline Overview
  • The pipeline overview takes data from your stage types to see how many candidates were in each stage type on each day for all of your jobs.
Pipeline Overview

2. Pipeline Speed
  • The pipeline speed section will show you how much time a candidate spends in each stage on average. You can also break this down by stage type.
Pipeline Speed

3.  Pipeline Conversion
  • Your pipeline conversion shows the percentage of candidates that progress through the stages.
Pipeline conversion

4. Hires
  • The hires overview tracks how many hires you've made in the specified time period, along with the time to hire for each candidate.

5. Assessment Results
  • If you are using one of our partners to send candidates assessments, you can find assessment results in this section.
6. NPS Overview
  • If you are using our NPS add-on feature to measure your candidate's happiness with the recruitment process, you will see an overview of your total NPS score and the candidates those scores belong to.
7. NPS per stage
  • Like the NPS overview, you can see candidate's NPS scores here, but per stage instead of the overall platform. 
8. Jobs Overview
  • Here you are able to see the number of jobs which are currently live, the average page view per job, average number of applications per job and the average conversion rate. You can also see these statistics for jobs individually.
Jobs Overview
9. Reject Reasons
  • This section is an overview of how many rejections were made, how many candidates were rejected by you, how many rejected by the candidate, and any no reason rejects. You can also view the candidates which have been rejected for specific reasons. 
Reject Reasons