Managing candidates

As a Recruitment Lead, you will have access to all of the candidates from the jobs you have been part of the hiring team for, or if you are part of a team that has access to more candidates.

You can add a new candidate through the Candidates tab, using the  + sign in the top right corner or directly in a job using the plus sign in the top right coner.

By clicking a candidate's name you will access their candidate card. This card includes all of the candidate's information, as well as having the following functions in one place:

  • View their contact details, CV, and application form 👔
  • Follow the activity of their profile 🏃🏽‍♀️
  • Add your notes and feedback, as well as view feedback that was given by other recruiters in the process 🖊
  • Add to-dos for yourself or your colleagues 📔
  • Give the candidate a star rating 🤩
  • Fill in an interview kit and save the interview answers on the candidate card 🗒
  • Message the candidate personally and view the email chain ⛓
  • Schedule an interview having connected your calendar 📅
  • Share the details of this candidate with someone who isn't part of the hiring team 👫
  • Add this candidate to another job process ➕
  • Reject the candidate 🙅🏽‍♂️